Coaching and personal development

The aim of the course is to acquire the knowledge and skills by the participants, in particular in the field of psychology and management, which will help develop their managerial potential.

An effective way to self-discovery and development leads, first of all, through experience. Therefore, subsequent workshops at the course are conducted by methods aimed at activating the favorable environment to create awareness of one’s own skills, abilities, limitations, as well as the acquisition of new skills in the key areas of manager’s work.

The course is addressed to:

  • CEOs, managing directors,
  • branch managers,
  • managers interested in self-knowledge, professional and personal development.

Theme of the workshop:

  1. interpersonal communication,
  2. emotional intelligence,
  3. automotivation and motivating employees,
  4. dealing with conflicts,
  5. coping with stress,
  6. leadership and people management.

Methods for conducting the workshop:

  • fun and interactive games,
  • individual exercises in pairs and subgroups,
  • psychodrama,
  • mini-lectures,
  • self-diagnosis questionnaires,
  • case studies.

Trainer: Jacek Zaluski psychologist, personal trainer