Hand surgery

Hand surgery is a wide branch of medicine bordering on orthopedics and traumatology as well as plastic surgery. This includes cennective tissue tratment (Dupuytren’s contracture, de Quervain syndrome, “trigger finger”, ganglion, “tennis elbow”), the treatment of nerve compression syndromes ( carpal tunnel syndrome, cubital tunnel syndrome, Guyon canal syndrome). Surgical treatment of rheumatoid hand arthritis.

A doctor specializing in hand surgery also treats injuries of this area (fractures, dislocations, damaged nerves, vessels and tendons), performs microsurgical replantation and revasculization procedures, treats complications after injuries (bone pseudoarthrosis, deformities and contractures of the fingers, post-trauma and burn scars, loss of function of flexor and extensor tendons). Hand surgeon also treats complications after injuries of the brachial plexus and peripheral nerves.