Psychological support

Treatment of adult mental health disorders: depression, anxiety and neurotic disorders, psychosomatic disorders, eating disorders (bulimia), personality disorders

Psychological interventions in somatic diseases and problems

Psychological support for people suffering from psychotic disorders

Psychological support for people in crisis

Supporting the professional psychological skills and personal development

Therapist: Mariusz Krzysztof Ciepliński  psychologist, individual and group psychotherapist, couples therapist, trainer


Psychological counseling in the areas of emotional problems, depression, neurotic symptoms, family difficulties, partnership and professional problems.

Psychological support in a crisis of meaning of life, experiencing grief, coping with the process of dying, psychosomatic disorders, personality development, broadening awareness of your strengths and psychological resources.

Individual Psychotherapy adolescents, adults and couples therapy.

Therapist: Jacek Zaluski  psychologist, Gestalt psychotherapist