Maxillo – facial surgery

Maxillo – facial surgery deals with diseases of a oral cavity, maxillofacial and neck in such fields as: plastic surgery, oncology, traumatology with the reconstruction of soft and hard tissue.

Its range includes also dental surgery treatments and implantology. Surgical action limited to the oral cavity include: extraction and surgical exposure of teeth, including the retained teeth and third molars.

Dental Implants – restoring missing teeth by placing bone grafts, raising the bottom of the sinus cavity “sinus lift”, guided bone regeneration – using materials bone-substitutes and membranes. The surgeon also performs reconstructions of  the jaw bone’s defective fragments, plastics of soft and hard tissues of the oral cavity, cyst enucleation, plastics of frenulum, assembling specimen for histopathological examination.

Maxillo-facial surgery includes also the development and acceleration of the, so-called, orthodontic treatment. Corticotomy, three-dimensional preoperative planning before ortodontic procedure.